The KOC Group. World leader in FO Actives and Passives

kamaxGroup.fwKamaxOptic Communication Ltd., founding member of the KOC Group of companies, is a specialist in the manufacture of passive fiber optic components and assemblies.  Its 10-years’ experience in the mass production of fiber optic assemblies guarantees the reliability and performance of its high-quality product.  It has rightly earned the respect of it’s ever-expanding, global client base for its quality, fast delivery, and comprehesive after-sales service.

As a group they are the manufacturers of a massive variety of fully compliant solutions from connectors, attenuators and adapters with their own plastic injection and ferrule production, all the way through to high-tech PLCS, FBT, WDM and collimator and GRIN lense. Other lines include GBIC, SFP, etc transceiver modules and even media conversion. This gives you direct access to the solutions you need with the advantage of working with a European team.

Kamax Europe is here to look after clients throughout Europe, the Middle East and other geographically related territories.

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Our commitment to reliable product quality

The KOC Group sells into more than 90 countries and, more specifically, has been operating in Europe for 10 years.  As a result it’s more than aware of the high standards required here as opposed to other markets that might exist around the world.

With this in mind quality management and assurance is taken very seriously. ISO certification has always formed part of all processes at the production facilities and we even go so far as to have special production lines specifically dedicated to production destined for European clients. Where necessary these lines will be dedicated to individual client requirements.

All production is overseen by roaming quality inspectors and each individual work post has a clearly visible check list to be followed by each operative. The checklist is specific to the order being produced so that client requirements are met.

Facilities have also been audited by several very well-know names in the sector who have been using KOC as their approved vendor for many years.

Obviously we boast full RoHS compliance and ISO certification. Copies of which are available on request.

Kamaxoptic awarded Alibaba Assessed Gold Supplier status!

Kamaxoptic Communication has just been awarded this status by this very popular global supplier portal. What does this mean? That we have been assessed by an impartial third-party verification company, giving you in-depth details and authoritative information about us for free to help you source smarter and safer.